Cyber Security Escape Room

The most fun hands-on security awareness training

Created by hackers and experienced escape room creators

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Take on the role of a hacker!

The cyber security escape room is a pop-up escape room which has been created with as goal security awareness training. The players will experience different cyber security learning moments in a new and fun way. The escape room is set up at the customer location and the experience is then followed and guided from another room by an experienced game supervisor.

The idea behind the escape room is for players to better remember and understand the cyber security risks by experiencing them firsthand. The goal of the escape room is not to escape, but the players will take on the role of a hacker. The players will experience what it takes to hack someone by exploiting multiple security issues themselves. They will come in contact with several learning moments from the cyber security field, both positve and negative.

The cyber security escape room is designed and created by experienced security professionals with over 20 years of experience. The escape room is originated from a large amount of requests for cyber security awareness presentations, training and advice.

The cyber security escape room is a well balanced and customized experience, which focusses on players experiencing all of the most important security elements and learning moments firsthand. The experience can be further customized to the specific wishes of the customer, that way the escape room can be made fully in line with the reality of the customer. The escape room covers, among other things, the following topics in the field of cyber security:

  • Ransomware
  • Secure password usage
  • Handling personal information & privacy
  • Computer security
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Backups
  • USB-stick usage
  • Social media usage
  • Physical security
  • Network security
  • Secure mobile phone usage
  • Cleandesk

The cyber security escape room can be set up in a meeting room or empty office. The only things needed to set up the escape room are two desks (with two chairs) and a power outlet. The target audience for the escape room is both experienced security experts as well as unexperienced end-users. The escape room is available in both Dutch and English. The average game-time per group lies between 30-45 minutes. The escape room is aimed at 4-8 players. In case a higher number of players is desired, then multiple escape rooms can be ran in parallel. To get the maximum out of the experience it is recommended to afterwards discuss and touch upon all the learning moments the players experienced during playing the game. This also allows the company to link the learning moments to their own policies.

You enter the cyber security escape room and your goal is to steal a document, the "Miljoenen Nota". This has to happen before the employee returns from his break. The employee has just left and will return in 45 minutes. You have access to his workspace, and it seems he left all his stuff behind. Can you hack your way through the escape room and steal the "Miljoenen Nota" before the employee returns?

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