Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions are relevant for individual end-users of the site and training environment. If the training environment is offered through your employer or an intermediary, it may be that deviating agreements have been made with this party. Ask your employer or intermediary about this.


No rights can be derived from the usage of the website and demo environment of the training environment. We agree on the terms of usage with clients for the use of the training environment itself.

It is not allowed to share "seat codes" outside of your own organization, unless otherwise agreed upon with Cyber ​​Security Escape Room.


The way in which we handle personal data is laid down in our privacy policy, which also contains our cookie policy. By accepting these conditions, you also agree to our privacy policy and the processing of your personal data.


Cyber Security Escape Room is in no way liable for any damage that may arise during or after using the website or training environment, including our (online) escape rooms.

Intellectual property

By using the website and training environment you gain access to an environment which contains intellectual property rights. Any of such intellectual property rights lie strictly with Cyber ​​Security Escape Room and possible direct partners. This intellectual property is not transferred in any way when purchasing access or playing the escape rooms. There is therefore also no possibility of transferring, sub-licensing or otherwise making rights available to third parties.

Intellectual property rights include (but are not limited to this list) the design, the scenario, the individual puzzles, the underlying software, the puzzle flow, the look and feel, the solutions and the hint system.

It is not allowed to copy, duplicate, publish, or derive a new work from the escape room or parts thereof, including the design, the scenario, the separate puzzles, the underlying software, the puzzle flow, the look and feel, the solutions and the hint system in any way.

It is not permitted to create or publish images or screenshots of the escape room or parts thereof. An exception to this are the end-photos, certificates, or screenshots for your own notes or internal (promotional) use.

It is not permitted to stream, record or otherwise publish the gameplay of the escape room, or parts thereof. It is also not allowed to share escape room solutions or puzzles online.


Exceptions to the above terms & conditions are only possible after explicit permission from Cyber ​​Security Escape Room.

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