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Escape Room

The Cyber Security Escape Room Online is a security awareness training in a new, realistic, interactive and fun experience.
No more boring security awareness webinars or online trainings where you just click through the pages to get it over with. Employees can now follow a security awareness training by playing the Cyber Security Escape Room Online, an online web-based interactive escape room. The goal of the escape room is not to escape, but the players will take on the role of a hacker. They will experience what it takes to hack someone by exploiting multiple security issues, and while doing so will come in to contact with several cyber security related learning points.
The escape room is designed and created by experienced security professionals with each over 20 years of experience in the security field and learning gamification.


25 Learning points

The game contains a wide range of security awareness learning points applicable to both office and work from home environments.


Supports multiple languages, by default: English, Dutch, German, Italian & Spanish. Any other languages on request.

Cloud based

The whole training environment is located in the cloud and works with any web-browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge & Safari (on OSX) supported).


Supports multiple levels of difficulty for both new and experienced players.


The environment can be adjusted to the visual style of the customer. In-game adjustments are possible to match company guidelines and procedures.

Advanced hint system

Never get stuck with the built-in hint-system to help you out, everyone will be able to finish the whole experience.

Work together

Discuss your progress and work together with colleagues over your favourite video conference system (Zoom, Teams, Jitsi).


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Before the main game is started the players go through a short tutorial which fully explains how the game works.

Realistic scenario

The escape room follows a realistic scenario in which the players step in to the role of a hacker. When the game starts the players enter an office environment and they get the goal to steal a document. The players will experience what it takes to hack someone by exploiting multiple security issues. This all has to happen before the employee returns from his break. The total playtime will be around one hour.

Learning points

The game contains over 25 different security awareness learning points. When the player encounters a learning point in the game an explanation is queued which the player can open. After the full game is finished an overview of all encountered learning points is shown.


The game contains a built-in advanced hint-system which follows your progress in the game and can provide hints in case you might get stuck somewhere. Everyone will be able to finish the full game experience.

Play together

Use a video conference system such as Zoom, Teams or Jitsi to work together and discuss your progress with colleagues.

Certificate of Completion

On successfully completing the training all participants will (automatically) receive a Certificate of Completion.


After completing the training the players can also make a selfie as a memento which includes their end-time.


A dashboard can be provided to customers to keep track of the progress of all the players within a company.

Real-life version

We also offer the same escape room experience in a real-life pop-up version. This escape room can be set up in your own office environment.

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Award winning

The cybersecurity escaperoom has been awarded the 1st prize in the Secureworks Cybersecurity Literacy Challenge

More info can be found here on Devpost


The Cyber Security Escape Room covers the following security awareness topics:

  • Ransomware
  • Secure password usage
  • Privacy
  • Phishing
  • Computer security
  • Handling personal information
  • Social Engineering
  • Backups
  • USB-stick usage
  • Social media usage
  • Physical security
  • Network security
  • Secure mobile phone usage
  • Clean desk



The pricing for the online cybersecurity escaperoom starts at €12,50 per participant (ex VAT if applicable). We provide a discount for 500 or more participants, along with access to the dashboard with statistics and the option to customize the experience with your own unique branding. For more specific pricing details or to learn more about our offerings, please contact us:


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